VIDEOS: Fireball Streaks Across Colorado Sky Early Sunday Morning – CBS Denver

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(CBS4) – Coloradans as far west as Evergreen, as far north as Wellington, as far east as Bennet and as far south as Colorado Springs caught a incredible sight on their security cameras early Sunday morning. A fireball streaked across the sky at around 4:30 a.m.
By NASA’s definition, a fireball is an unusually bright meteor.
Josh Ellis in Evergreen shared videos of a bright flash lighting up his neighborhood. He said the light was bright enough to charge their solar lights.
Andrew Fisher, who lives in Wellington, caught it all on his Nest security camera.
The Cloudbait Observatory in Guffey reports four fireballs flying through Colorado’s skies in the last seven days.
The ball of fire lights up the sky and quickly disappears.
Erica Oosthoek shared her video from Wolf Ranch in Colorado Springs. Her camera faces north.
Shari Breckenfeld captured the phenomena from Loveland near the foothills.. Her camera faces south.
Cory Breider’s Nest camera faces west on the south end of Bennet.
It’s not clear where the meteor landed.


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