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Maybe he was just thirsty for a win.
Steve Belichick went viral Sunday night for pulling a series of puzzling faces — including wagging his tongue — as his New England Patriots took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The son of Pats head coach Bill Belichick and the team’s outside linebackers coach was captured on national TV sticking his tongue out and grimacing as he watched the game from the sidelines.
Early in NBC’s broadcast of the Sunday night NFL game, Belichick, 34, was shown assuming an athletic stance on the Patriots’ sidelines, where he stuck his tongue out, wagged it side to side in his mouth, then scrunched his face up in a peculiar grimace.
Internet denizens instantly took notice.
“Me staring into my fridge at 2am,” Barstool Sports tweeted.
Another social media user also joked that Belichick, 34, had food on his mind.
“You’re saying there’s a BBQ buffet and it’s all you can eat,” he quipped.
Benjamin Solak, a staff writer at The Ringer, likened the coach’s bizarre faces to a “middle school boy on picture day.”
The younger Belichick attended Rutgers University, where he played lacrosse and served as the football team’s long snapper in 2011. He joined his father on the Patriots’ coaching staff in 2012. The head coach’s son has served in a series of defensive roles for the team.
His younger brother, Brian Belichick, coaches the team’s safeties.
On Sunday, the Buccaneers got the last laugh against the Patriots, beating Tom Brady’s old team, 19-17.
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